A Christian Christmas? The West Supports Al Qaeda Terrorists Who Murder Christians in Syria

Soon Americans and Canadians will be going to Christian churches to celebrate Christmas as they and their churches support their governments’ on-going policy of support for sectarian terrorists in Syria who slaughter Christians.

At Ma’loula, Syria, for example, where the language of Christ, Aramaic, is still spoken, US (and Canada) supported Al Qaeda terrorists murdered Christians, destroyed religious icons, and sought to impose the dictatorship of sectarian despotism on the remnants of the local population.

St. Takla Shrine destroyed by Western proxy terrorists

Dr. Joseph Saaddeh, a resident of Ma’loula, explains in a video:

What happened in Ma’loula, it’s not revolution.  Groups of terrorists attacked the culture and destroyed the culture, and destroyed everything good and everything belonging to history, and they want to make of like them and they will kill us because they have the ideology of the Wahhabi and they don’t accept another.  Either you will be like them or they will kill you.  This is the essential ideology for what is called the revolution …[1]

Now that Syria and its allies have liberated most of Syria from the scourge of Western-supported terrorists, Syria’s non-sectarian, pluralist identity, reinforced by its secular, progressive governance, is reasserting itself.

Reverend Andrew Ashdown shared the following video featuring liberated Hama, with this description:

“Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Hama, Syria. Not something that will ever be experienced in areas held by western-backed terrorists!”[2]

The hallmark of current North American society is hollow “faith”, criminal duplicity, and silence in the face of an overseas holocaust[3] created and sustained by those who pretend to represent us.

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As North Americans, our silence makes us complicit in these crimes.  It is anti-Christian and criminal, and it certainly contradicts the essence of what this “holy” season is meant to represent.


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